Old world products - New world varieties 

Farming a vineyard in Québec and Vermont & Organically grown & produced:

Balsamic Vinegar  & Lavender ...

from new world varieties.

Our Mission:

NuMondo strives to bring you healthy, old world products made from new world variety crops locally grown on a small scale using sustainable practices.

About Us

NuMondo strives to bring you healthy, old world products made from new world varieties locally grown on a small scale using sustainable practices.

Our products are grown both in St. Luc, Québec and at Mt. Philo Farm and Vineyard in Charlotte, Vermont.  Our farm in Québec is 20 minutes from downtown Montreal and in Vermont is between Mt. Philo State Park and Lake Champlain in the beautiful Champlain Valley.  The farm in Quebec has grapes, soya, corn and lavender and some fruit trees. In Charlotte, Vt the lake breezes and glacial soils make our location a wonderful place for a vineyard cultivated with northern varietal grapes.  The Quebec and Vermont grapes will go into the production of vinegar and the wines at Shelburne Vineyard in Shelburne, VT. The higher acidity of the Canadian grapes have made it possible to create some unique northern balsamic vinegars using the traditional Balsamic method. 

Beyond grapes, we are interested in healthy farm products and have planted Mid-Oleic type Sunflowers and northern varieties of Lavender. The sunflowers produce a culinary oil to supply our local community with an unfiltered, nutritious oil that is excellent for both cooking and dressings. The first batch of lavender was harvested this year and we produced some natural hand and bath soap, sachets and sea salt for culinary or aroma-therapeutic use.

You will find our Products at Shelburne Vineyard, 6308 Shelburne Rd. Shelburne VT

Our Products

NuVine Red Balsamic Vinegar -  An intense blend made from Canadian and US cold climate grape musts & red wine vinegar. Pure no caramel color added or preservatives gives it a deep red natural color. 

It is unfiltered to preserve its nutrients and provide a unique flavor experience. 

We place it in oak-barrels and follow the balsamic method naturally. In a few years we will release the more traditional aged balsamic vinegar.  

Enjoy with Olive or other oil as a dip, in salads or in your favorite recipe.

NuBleu  Lavender 
is organic grown lavender right at the farms. We carefully extract the essential oil to make wonderful all ORGANIC and natural lavender hand and bath soap bars. We also combine the flowers with Atlantic Sea Salt to make a culinary or bath salt for use in the kitchen or just to relieve the stress from a hard day. The flowers are available in  bunches or a sachet for aromatherapy or for use as a herb in grills or salads. Enjoy!


What do you do after the holidays?   PLAN FOR THE NEXT ONES...!

NuBleu Lavender gift bags are available for a short period during the holidays. The gift bags include:

-  2.5oz hand soap, with organic lavender buds for a little scrubbing feature;

- organic flower sachet, to freshen up the closets or any other oom in the house; 

- 4oz dry lavender herb tin. Lavender herb is a substitute for rosemary and good for cooking especially in meats and roasted potatoes; and 

- 1oz Lavender water hydrosol spray. Great for aromatherapy also.


Limited Availability

NuMondo / NuWorld Red Wine -  A blend of Québec and northern varietal red wine hand-crafted in collaboration with Shelburne Vineyard. It is a blend made primarily from  cold climate grapes grown locally from both sides of the border.  Tasting notes: "... spicy fruit and herb on the nose followed by marked black cherry and wild berry flavors on the palate. The finish is a mild wood vanilla…"  
Available at Shelburne Vineyard, 6308 Shelburne Rd., Shelburne, VT 05482 & other local fine wine stores. see:

NuOleic SunFlower Oil -  A first cold-pressed oil made from 100% Vermont locally grown sunflower seeds on a small scale using sustainable practices

 level of monounsaturated fatty acids similar to olive oil. 

One serving (1 tbs) has 3 times the  Vitamin "E"content of olive and most other vegetable oils. Our oil is unfiltered & unrefined to preserve its natural state.  With a high smoke point sunflower oil is ideal for cooking or in a dressing.


Our Farm

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